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Paddle Boarding and Exploring

This island is simply magical…

Today we decided to give Paddle Boarding a crack.  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for years, but never been quite confident enough to do.  We hired our boards (free of charge for an hour) and headed out into the blue beyond.

I just kneeled and paddled for a while, trying to get the feel of the board.  They’re quite wide and surprisingly sturdy, although when there’s a swell, it’s all over for someone as unco-ordinated and clumsy as myself.  Where you stand and put your feet, it’s non-stick so you can get a pretty good grip.


Jase tried to stand up straight away and took a flying dive into the crystal clear waters.  He got it right next time though, and was away.

We paddled around for most of the hour, and the kids were kayaking around us.  Caitlyn wanted to see Jase stack it again, so started paddling around him, telling jokes and calling him names to make him laugh, which worked a treat.  He teetered precariously and crashed down, but alas, onto the board instead of in the sea.

There was an almighty crack and the board snapped cleanly in half.


The swim of shame back to shore was rather humiliating for Jase, swimming slowly along touting a piece of board under each arm, like wings.  Made worse was the fact that he’d had a long drawn-out conversation yesterday with the guy at the Dive Bure about how badly people treat his equipment.

When he went up to the counter, he was first accused of taking the board onto the reef.  Jase pointed out that it was high tide and there was nothing he could possibly have grounded it on.  He was then called a Fat Bastard, which left the rest of us rolling around in hysterics.

It turned out that there was a fracture line along the board, where an earlier user had damaged it and not told anyone.  The line could be clearly seen, so Jase was let off with a nod and shake of the head.

This afternoon, we went for a walk to Musket Cove, one of the resorts adjacent to Plantation.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I would love to stay there sometime, it was clearly a higher quality resort, smaller with beautiful looking restaurants.  The beach was not as good though and there didn’t look to be any snorkelling, which is a big thumbs down for our family.


Tonight we had dinner at the Black Coral.  It’s a beautiful restaurant, and we had such a lovely meal.  I had sticky beef ribs, with coleslaw and fries.  The beef was so succulent and tender, it melted in my mouth, delicious!  The kids enjoyed their steaks, and indulged in a mocktail each, which made them feel very grown up indeed!


Another gorgeous day in paradise!