The Lake Taupo Holiday Resort

The Lake Taupo Holiday Resort (previously called the Top 10 Holiday Park Taupo), is the most fantastic destination for families with kids.  The thermally heated lagoon pool is the biggest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere and cost over two million dollars to build, and the kids (and big kids) can play and splash around for hours.  The water is warmer than the water in Fiji year round!

Taupo Holiday Resort

A swim-up café and bar has everything from coffee to a cheeky wee cocktail on offer and there’s also a giant poolside screen that shows sports and movies, almost around the clock.


There are parts of the pool for all ages, with a lovely wee lagoon style paddling pool for toddlers, complete with a toadstool fountain.  There’s a massive spa, and a cave with the water in there an impressive depth of 4 metres that you swim to under a waterfall.  The kids particularly loved that area and would dive to try and reach the bottom.  Kids under 16 aren’t allowed in the cave without adults and the staff were great at doing spot checks.


The accommodation is varied and well positioned.  There are powered and non-powered sites, and a variety of cabins to suit every configuration and budget.

We stayed in the Wimbledon Cottage, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit overlooking the tennis courts.  It’s a fantastic set-up, the only gripe being there is no oven in the unit, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to cook for 11 people.  The communal BBQ’s in the grounds come in handy though!

Wimbledon Cottage

The morning was spent sleeping in, relaxing and waiting for the groceries that we’d ordered to be delivered.  Countdown provide a great online service.  It’s how I do all my grocery shopping at home and I thought I’d give it a whirl on holiday too.  It went without a hitch!  Dad and Jase cooked up a mean feed of sausages for lunch that we had with bread and salad.  I don’t normally like sausages but these were beef beauties from the Kaniere butcher in Hokitika.  They were amazing!

During the afternoon, the 3 boys hired out some wee bikes and burnt off a bit of energy with an hour long zoom around the park.  They absolutely loved it!  Once they were finished we all hit the pool, where the kids ordered their first drink at a swim up bar.  They all thought they were the coolest kids on the planet, and sat there swigging their cokes and sprites like the best bar proppers.


Caitlyn and I enjoyed a mocktail each, and I have to say, the prices were really reasonable.  Being a captive audience, they could charge what they like but the kids drinks were only $4.00 each and our mocktails were $6.50 each.  Really good value for the size. 

Taupo Holiday Resort 2

Jase and I were called upon in the early evening to help out an 11 year old who had fallen off his bike.  He had broken both wrists, hit his head and hurt his neck when he had fallen and was in a serious amount of pain. Jase and I took over his care, organised the ambulance and assisted the paramedics.  The wee lad was back the next day with two casts on and came knocking at our door (with his head as his arms weren’t working) and had a box of chocolates under his arm for us.  Warm fuzzies!  It was so nice to help someone again, and made us both miss our ambo jobs (for an instant anyway).  Unfortunately the politics at St John are so intense that neither of us would consider returning at this stage.  The politics bled the joy out of the job.

Dinner was a mixture of Tracey’s butter chicken and rice, and my honey soy chicken noodle stirfry.  We were all tired so it was another early night.  Tomorrow we’re out sightseeing, bring it ON!







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