The bright city lights of Auckland…

Today we dropped our car off to Craddocks at 2.00pm before being whisked over to the domestic terminal by the on-demand minivan.  It’s a fantastic service and extremely reliable.

I’m a huge fan of being on holiday, however flying to get to the destination is one of my least favourite things.  Over the years I’ve found three things that have helped make my travelling experiences soooo much better.

First, I always book a seat in the exit row.  It costs an extra $20 per person but you get substantially more leg room.

Secondly, we have Koru Club membership.  If you do a lot of flying, I can’t recommend it enough.  It is expensive, however if you have a debit or credit card that earns airpoints, then you can get discounts off your yearly membership and no joining fee.

The thing with Koru is that you never queue.  You check in along your own Koru line.  You get through customs and go into a beautiful lounge that has free wifi, a full bar and lots of snacks, all complimentary.  It’s a peaceful retreat from the chaos of being airside.

The third thing that has helped me immeasurably is a prescription for some great wee tablets that completely take the edge off my fear.  They don’t make me go to sleep or zone out but just help me to enjoy my flight rather than sit and grip the sides of my seat (or Jasons arm) for the duration.

If you have a fear of flying that stops you going off and enjoying the wonderful destinations we have closeby, then investigate this for sure.

Sitting in the Koru Club today waiting for our flight, we were watching the comings and goings of the planes.  I love the black and white livery of the NZ planes, it makes me feel incredibly patriotic!

Our flight to Auckland was calm and smooth.  We were flying on an A320, the standard runabout workhorse on Air NZs books for shorthaul travel.  This particular beastie was incredibly loud, everything rattled and creaked and groaned and it reminded me of the older Boeings before Air NZ switched to Airbus (my favourites are still Boeings).

We are staying tonight at the Pullman Hotel in the city.  It’s a lovely hotel with big rooms.  We have a view over the harbour and being an Accor member, we got the room for free (you get one free night per year) and 50% off your meals.

The restaurant here is a highlight for me, I absolutely love it…. tonight we had complimentary breads with homemade butter with parsley and black sesame seeds.  My main was a roasted duck breast with a celeriac puree and a red wine roasted pear.  Delicious!!!!  Jase felt like something pretty hearty so had the old fashioned steak, eggs and chips (added to the menu for the Lions tour).  

Then we snuck back up to the room and ordered room service desserts 😊

Now we’re lying in bed watching tv….

Good times!!!!!

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